Light's Profile for Majestic!

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Light's Profile for Majestic!

Post  ۞Blue۞ on Sat Dec 27, 2008 10:57 am

Full Name: Light Blood Moon Rider.(go’s by Light)

Age: Unknown(looks around 20)

Higth: Light is 5 feet 6 inches tall.

Weight: She is 110 pounds

Shoes Size: 7 and ½

Skin Tone: A pale White

Eye color: Blue/Green

Hair Color: Blond

Hair Length:3 inches past the sholder

Clothing: always wearing a White sundress with high heals.

History: Much of Lights past as a godess is a mistery to her. Before then Light work with a wolf god named Silverstream for most of her life as a godess, But when she was reborn her mother died her father who was a demond went back down to the delps of hell. She then was found by a human named Jack Rider. When she was 3 she went away and joined th TW pack as its Alpha. Light was once called BlueLight, her demond part was spilt from her and is now her sister Blue and herself Light.

Family:Lights mother died giving birth to her and her father is in hell. Lark was her mate for a while they had 2 pups Rabbit and Night, but he went crazy after she confest to loving Shadow. Shadow is now her Loving mate, they have 2 pups Lee and Alina.
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