Siren the Wolf Goddess

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Siren the Wolf Goddess

Post  MajesticWolfs on Thu Sep 25, 2008 3:09 pm

Fur Color:White
Eye Color:Shining Gold
Strengths:Patience,Running,Jumping,and very Strong.Rarely uses godly powers
Weakness:Swimming,Hates evil wolves and humans.
History:She was born as a very powerful young female wolf who was a loner most of her life.She tryed to spread peace and hopitality where ever she went.She wanted world wide peace for humans and wolves alike but no one would listen.Until she met the Twilight Wolf pack.She told them of her deeds and joined them.She went with them on a noble quest to the human world to make peace with them until all of them were slaughtered by the leader.Siren was the only to survive and fled to the wolf world.She wept until she slowly past on but now she has returned to spark a light of hope.
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