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Following the crowd!

Post  ¥War¥ on Sun Nov 30, 2008 3:33 pm

Ok this is pretty much about the War in the New RP and how she was accused of Murder and other stuff

War and Mist sat down, finally away from the army chasing her. Yet again War heard something and then heard a battle cry

AH! can't they give me a break! all i did was run though the village! War spat, cursing in her head. War ran off with a army of about 100,000 behind her. War looked behind her and almost got her face ripped of from a dagger Bah! she said kicking two people in the stomach, sending them flying into two others and knocking them out.
War remembered the two darts in her pocket. War tied them together to make a bomb and set it off in about two seconds. War ran off as the bomb set off, War was flown away to a sharp rock, War, seeing the rock, kicked it in half, landing on her feet two inches from the bomb Yikes! she said and ran off
War's cloths were now, burt, ripped, tattered, and worn out, but yet, War kept running. War tripped over a rock and landed on her birthmark, War screamed as the birthmark bled, but she got up and kept running.

That was a year ago, and War was 21.

War was confronted in front of two people, she was going mad and she knew it. War took out her blade and killed the five men in front of her, but only for her luck, a police car was in front, watching. They took her away and threw her, literally, threw her into a jail cell. War kicked at the bars and punched the walls, but nothing did any good, she was a murder, everyone hated her, no one liked her. So she sat in a dirty cell in the dark, but then her birthmark on her arm glowed underneath her shirt. War rolled up her sleeve and the long 'spider web' (it didn't really look like one, it was black and it looked like a series of cuts across her arm in different directions). War showed the guard and he said "TWO MORE MONTHS!" and she huffed and sat there for two more months, as a murder.
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