shadow's thing for majestic's story

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shadow's thing for majestic's story

Post  †shadow† on Fri Dec 26, 2008 5:06 pm

name: shadow
secondary name: alan woadash (birth name later changed)
current age :5417 LIVES old (he looks 17)
personality: mixed (he has a few other personalities)
clothing:he wears a big dark grey trench coat a t-shirt black and white stripped
faded blue jeans
skin tone : dark tanned
eye color : right- grey left- grey with a red tint
hair color: white with black tips
weight:164 pounds
height: 6 foot 7"
history: as a child he was taught to fight as he grew so did his power over black fire/shadows he was half sworn to a vampire the night his clan and mother died with the pure blooded vampires surviving only because he had to leave the fight. he traveled and created a group to fight his sister who kill his father and banished his youngest sister. he has learned of a power to change form from the spirits of dead animals but his markings and color always stays the same he has a strange illness that makes him cough up blood it acts up from time to time......he met.....

family: he has 3 living sisters a dead father and mother oldest of their kids (dusky is one of his sisters youngest)

shadow he has a big sword and carries one silver and black gun
has a marking over his eye
a red marking on his neck
and always wears the necklace
found in the pic

bigger veiw here

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